Delta Pens
Delta Pens

Delta offers an incredible new collection of pens that take us back to a time when values like detailed craftsmanship, attention to detail, and classic design were the principles of the day.   
Every Vintage writing instrument is hand-turned from solid bars of mother-of- pearl acrylic resin and is available in three epoch colors.   Whether it’s the fountain pen, rollerball, or ballpoint, Delta Vintage offers luxury, value, and choice. 

CLIP: Platinum mask over special elastic alloy.  Fitted with rolling wheel to facilitate pocket use.
NIB: Platinum mask, Iridium tip. (Nibs are available in Fine, Medium, and Broad. Other nibs can be special ordered. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery of special orders)
CAP & BARREL: Hand made, hand turned, mother of pearl resin available in 3 exclusive colors: Ruby Red, Ocean Blue, & Slate Grey.
TRIM: All trim features a platinum mask.  Center ring also features a gold accent band
PACKAGING: Custom made presentation box for Italian made elegance and style

DV80059 - Delta Vintage Pencil / Green - $135.00

- Delta Vintage Ballpoint Pen / Green - $135.00

DV80054 - Delta Vintage Rollerball Pen / Green - $155.00

DV80055 -Delta Vintage Fountain Pen / Green - $175.00

DV80058 - Delta Vintage Pencil / Ruby Red - $135.00

- Delta Vintage Ballpoint Pen / Ruby Red - $135.00

DV80065 - Delta Vintage Rollerball Pen / Ruby Red - $155.00

DV80068 -Delta Vintage Fountain Pen / Ruby Red - $170.00

-Delta Vintage Pencil / Deep Ocean- $135.00

DV80061 -Delta Vintage Ballpoint Pen / Deep Ocean- $135.00

DV80064 - Delta Vintage Ballpoint Pen / Deep Ocean - $155.00

DV80067 - Delta Vintage Fountain Pen / Deep Ocean - $175.00

DV80056 - Delta Vintage Pencil / Lava Stone - $135.00

DV80060 - Delta Vintage Ballpoint Pen / Lava Stone - $135.00

DV80063 - Delta Vintage Rollerball Pen / Lava Stone - $155.00

DV80066 - Delta Vintage Fountain Pen / Lava Stone - $175.00

White (Not Shown)
DV80046 Pencil 3.2 mm White $135.00
DV80047 Ballpoint White $135.00
DV80048 Rollerball White $155.00
DV80049 Fountain Pen White $175.00

Price subject to change without prior notice. For specialty nibs (other than F, M, B) there is a $26 premium charge.