Delta Pens
Delta Pens

Delta introduced a bold new look for luxury writing instruments in 1998. It was named, "Dolcevita" for the Italian "sweet life" that everyone dreams about. They hand-made special Terracotta Orange and Black resins and accented the instruments with hand-cast sterling silver. The result was stunning to look at and raised the bar for luxury writing instruments forever!

Delta presents the Dolcevita Desk Set...It is dynamic in appearance, blending a new streamlined shape with classic design cues borrowed from ancient Pompeian motif.

The Delta Dolcevita Desk Set is high art for the serious writer, perfectly balanced for all the senses. it promises a beautiful writing experience and is amazingly comfortable to hold. It fills with a platinum plated lateral lever and delievers a high performance writing experience.

Life is sweet; it deserves the Delta Dolcevita Desk Set.

BALLPOINT PEN accepts all Parker® style refills.
FOUNTAIN PEN utilizes a lateral lever, 14kt gold nib with platinum mask, F, M, & B sizes in stock, EEF, EF, BB, OM, OB, OBB, & STUB grades by special order.
MATERIALS: hand-made, hand-turned custom Italian acrylic resin body. All trim pieces are sterling silver and platinum plated.
DESK STAND is hand-made from a solid bar of acrylic Italian resin and trimmed with hand-cast, sterling silver featuring ancient Pompeian motif.


Delta Dolcevita Ballpoint Pen Desk Set
Delta Dolcevita Fountain Pen Desk Pen Set
Delta Dolcevita Ballpoint/Fountain Pen Desk Set
Dolcevita Desk Set Fountain Pen w/Converter 14kt F,M,B (not shown)
Dolcevita Desk Set Ballpoint/Fountain Pen Converter 14kt nib (not shown)
Price subject to change without prior notice. For specialty nibs (other than F, M, B) there is a $26 premium charge.