Delta Pens
Delta Pens

Delta announces the newest addition to the Dolcevita collection: A Piston Fill Fountain Pen.

Those who know Delta know the phenomenal Dolcevita collection. The hand-chased Sterling Silver accent ring is based on a famous Pompeian ruin. The hand-made, hand-turned Terracotta Orange & Solid Black resin is pure Dolcevita. (The Italian word, “Dolcevita” means “Sweet life”.) All accents feature a Platinum Mask including the 14kt Gold nib so the dramatic beauty will last a lifetime.
Unthreading the blind end cap off the barrel reveals the piston control knob that is used to draw the ink directly into the barrel. No ink cartridges or converters are used. Piston Fill advantages include simple and easy ink filling and a larger ink reservoir that extends writing time. With a built-in color-matched ink reservoir window, Delta has enabled you to see when it’s time for more ink, viewable even while writing!

Delta Dolcevita Piston Fill Fountain Pen is a luxury that you will want to enjoy everyday.

DV80190 – Delta Dolcevita Piston Fill Fountain Pen $695.00

Available in F, M, and B nib sizes.
Includes a bottle of Delta ink.


Price subject to change without prior notice. For specialty nibs (other than F, M, B) there is a $26 premium charge.