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“The course of true love never did run smooth.” William Shakespeare
Love stories collections are a series of famous historical love stories.  Famous Love Stories are timeless classics, depicting of couples throughout history that have faced challenges, and stood strong together against incredible odds.  Sometime in history tragedy and love went hand and hand, poets write about love inspired from such stories. Love in Greek Mythology did not limit its effects to the mere mortal. The gods often played starring roles in these tales, and often showed their human traits like jealousy and fear. Romeo and Juliet is the first in the love stories series. 

Romeo and Juliet is an early tragedy by William Shakespeare about two teenage "star-crossed lovers" whose "untimely deaths" ultimately unite their feuding households. Romeo and Juliet belongs to a tradition of tragic romances stretching back to Ancient Greece.   

The Collection

Limited to only 25 fountain pens in hand painted celluloid and solid gold.  The body and cap are enriched by miniature hand paintings and mother of pearl inserts that portray scenes relating to Romeo and Juliet. 

Technical characteristics
Cap, body and cap-top
The top end of the cap is formed by an 18 kt solid gold chiseled ring featuring Delta’s “double nib” logo,  enriched with 25 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.003) totaling 0.075 carats.
The cap in celluloid is enriched with a special painting entirely manual and executed in Russia by famous miniaturists of Armenian origin depicting with great detail the 2 characters that offer the name for this collection, Romeo and Juliet.

The central ring in 18 kt solid gold offers carved by hand the words “delta 1982” (Delta’s foundation year).  The body also in celluloid and enriched with same type of painting and pearl inserts portrays a dance scene from the Capuleti villa, where the 2 adolescents first met.   This painting is enriched in the bottom part with a 18 kt solid gold ring enhanced with 25 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.008) totaling 0.2 carats

Produced in Sterling Silver or Vermeil. Artistically blends the different swords used by Giuseppe Garibaldi.
The 18-karat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and it is personalized. Is available in EEF, EF, F, M, B, BB, OM, OB, OBB and STUB grades. 

The Romeo and Juliet fountain pen features a piston filling system

DR84000: ROMEO & GIULETTA Limited Edition - Call for price

Price subject to change without prior notice. For specialty nibs (other than F, M, B) there is a $26 premium charge.

Price subject to change without prior notice. For specialty nibs (other than F, M, B) there is a $26 premium charge.