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Fusion One

The Fusion One collection of writing instruments combines the best of Delta's engineering capabilities with traditional Italian craftsmanship. Fountain pens and capped rollerballs are turned from a special resin, worked by hand from solid bars and polished to a mirror like surface in three bold colors; black, red, and white. The distinctive clip is forged from a special metal alloy designed for strength and flexibility, then coated with platinum.

Fusion One is fitted with Delta's new and innovative 18kt gold Fusion nib- A revolutionary nib whose performance and beauty belie its moderate cost. Free flowing and smooth, the 18K Fusion nib is available in grades: EF, F, M, B, STUB.
The fountain pen accepts standard cartridge and a converter while the smooth writing roller fills with standard refills.

DF87200 Fusion One, Rollerball, Black $275.00
DF87201 Fusion One, Rollerball, Red $275.00
DF87202 Fusion One, Rollerball, White $275.00
DF87203 Fusion One, Fountain Pen, Black $450.00
DF87204 Fusion One, Fountain Pen, Red $450.00
DF87205 Fusion One, Fountain Pen, White $450.00

Price subject to change without prior notice. For specialy nibs (other than F, M, B) there is a premium charge.