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Kanaka Maoli

The Hawaii islands rise in the north-oriental part of the Pacific. The Hawaiian aborigines, Kanaka Maoli, are of Polynesian origin and number today about 250.000.

They originate from the Marquises islands, from which they migrated by the sea around the year 100 BC

The sea is the main protagonist of these islands; in fact it was from the sea that the first inhabitants coming from the Polynesian islands arrived. They populated in great numbers the archipelago, approximately 1.000.000.

Nana Ula is the name of the seafaring explorer who led its people from Tahiti to Hawaii more than 1000 years ago. He was appointed as the first King of the archipelago and his descendants became the future Kings of Hawaii. The equilibrium of the archipelago, lasting various centuries, came to an end when captain James Cook, the first European arrived in the islands ... In 1898 the Hawaii islands were annexed by the United States thus becoming a state and hence the fiftieth star of the American Flag..., the rest is history.
The Kanaka Maoli, warriors and fishermen, aborigine of these lands where the rhythm of life is in perfect harmony with the body and the mind, where everything follows the harmonious movement of the ocean waves, the Hula dance accompanied with traditional music, the gestures of martial arts and the ancient art of the Lomi massages. Their language, which today does not have any official acknowledgment, resembles in some way that of the Tahitians or the Maori from New Zealand.

Kanaka Maoli- People in spiritual harmony where all is connected to nature by means of respecting the mother Earth, the father Ocean, and the rest of humanity.

The collection
Limited to only 100 pieces worldwide the Celebration version offers its most characterizing elements, the central ring, the clip and the medal, in solid sterling silver. These elements are first plated with 24 carat gold and after enriched with a layer of pink gold further enhancing the pens spectacular details. The flowery ring features an aquamarine natural stone. The nib is in 18 carat gold and covered with pink gold. It features the traditional lateral filling system.

The Kanaka Maoli collection includes a special version (1KS) limited to 898 fountain pens featuring the lateral lever system and the characterizing elements in special bronze alloy plated with 24 carat gold.
The collection comprises also the (1K) version limited to 1898 fountain pens with the filling system accomplished by cartridge or converter and with the characterizing elements in special bronze alloy Rhodium plated. Also available are 1898 ballpoint pens (2) with twist mechanism and same characteristics as the 1k version.
In addition a Doué version is offered in both fountain pen (1kD) and ballpen (2D) and limited to 1898 pieces each. The Doué version offers same characteristics as the 1k and 2 with the only difference being the cap which is in black resin.

Technical characteristics

Body and cap
Are turned by hand from solid bars of a new and special resin created to include the most widespread colors in this splendid archipelago.
In the top of the cap an engraved medal is offered portraying the famous icon of these marvelous islands, the turtle. Also placed in the cap a ring portraying the well known Hawaiian flower lei and a clip depicting an old Kanaka warrior’s mask. The extremity of the pen body is in metal and is shaped as the Hawaiian Tribal drums. All these characterizing elements are created using the traditional handcraft technique known as “lost-wax” casting process.

Filling system
The 1KS and celebration versions offer the traditional filling system, the lateral lever system, widely appreciated by collectors and pen connoisseurs. In the 1k and 1kD versions the filling system is by threaded converter or cartridge.

The 18 carat solid gold nib is specially designed, customized and flexible. It is decorated with a representation of a Leiomano, a shark tooth weapon. It is available in EEF, EF, F, M, B, BB, OM, OB, OBB and STUB grades.
In addition to the warranty given by the civil code article, when used correctly this writing instrument is lifetime warranted by DELTA against any defective part.

DH83050 Delta Kanaka Maoli Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen - 1,898 pcs $495
DH83051 Delta Kanaka Maoli Limited Edition Fountain Pen 18kt Gold Nib- 1,898 pcs $1,095.00
DH83052 Delta Kanaka Maoli Special LE Fountain Pen 18kt Gold Nib - 898 pcs $1,295.00
DH83053 Delta Kanaka Maoli Limited Edition Celebration Fountan Pen 18kt Gold Nib- 1,898 pcs Call for Pricing

Price subject to change without prior notice. For specialy nibs (other than F, M, B) there is a premium charge.