Indigenous Collection

Delta Artigiani della Scrittura turns passion to form

Passion, that vital ingredient that unites craftsmanship with design research, is behind Delta Artigiani della Scrittura’s ongoing exploration of new cultural horizons. Indigenous peoples, native populations, are the ancient peoples who reflect the spirit of the land and the nation. Delta is paying tribute to the indigenous peoples of the world as the earliest and authentic representatives of their lands in a modern pen that sets out to reflect the millennia-old force of indigenous populations. Delta has stepped into the role of the intrepid explorer of yesteryear to find new and forgotten civilizations. Nowadays, the fountain pen can be seen as an artifact brought back to the homeland to express to others the excitement of rediscovering the past – the colors, forms, and customs that have been lost in time. Today as in the past, the pen – the instrument we use to write and relate experiences – is the instrument that million and millions of people have used to communicate themselves to the world.