The Bribri people of Costa Rica are honored in the latest edition of Delta’s celebrated Indigenous collection of limited edition writing instruments. The Bribri are an American Aboriginal people living in the forests and Caribbean coastal areas of Costa Rica. Given their right to live on their lands in 1977, the Bribri today are full members of modern society while retaining their native language and customs.The barrels are made from special resin, turned by hand from solid bars. The end of the cap is adorned by medallion that, in relief, portrays an ancient breastplate of pre-Colombian goldsmith art. The clip depicts a frog standing in a tree branch, (In the geographic area where the Bribri people are located there are more than 100 different species of frogs.) while the central ring reproduces a Bribri tribal mask. These detailed parts are obtained from traditional metal fusion "lost wax" technique synonymous with pure craftsmanship, which is polished by hand and finished with plating in either precious rhodium or solid gold (depending on the version).Limited to 977 pieces of each mode, the collection consists of piston fountain pen in gold or rhodium trim, cartridge fountain pen, capped rollerball and twist ballpoint. (All with precious rhodium trim) All fountain pens in the collection are fitted with the Delta’s revolutionary Fusion nib. (International patent pending).

DB84500 Ballpoint w/Rhodium Trim $495.00

DB84501 Rollerball w/Rhodium Trim $550.00

DB84502 18K Fountain Pen w/Rhodium Trim $795.00

DB84508 18K Piston Fountain Pen w/Rhodium Trim $995.00

DB84514 18K Piston Fountain Pen w/Gold Trim $995.00