In Italy, Serena is an auspicious name derived from the Latin Serenus, which can be used to describe a clear, cloudless sky or a calm, quiet person. Given the famous blue skies of Naples (where Delta pens are manufactured) and the laid back nature of California (the home of Delta pens in the U.S.), Serena is a particularly auspicious name indeed! Each pen is turned from solid bars of Italian resin and accented with stealthy black rhodium trim. The fountain pen’s large, extravagantly engraved iridium nib (F,M,B) has a smooth, generous ink flow and fills via cartridge or converter. Also available are matching capped rollers and twist-action ballpoints, all featuring Delta’s famous rolling-wheel clip and engineered to last a lifetime. The Serena collection is offered in elegant packaging made from renewable resources and internationally certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, Italia).

DS81230 Ballpoint $110.00

DS81231 Rollerball $125.00

DS81232 Fountain $135.00

DS81220 Ballpoint $110.00

DS81221 Rollerball $125.00

DS81222 Fountain $135.00

DS81210 Ballpoint $110.00

DS81211 Rollerball $125.00

DS81212 Fountain $135.00