Delta dedicates this special collection to Queen Nefertiti, who ruled Egypt with her husband Akhenaten during the XVIII dynasty. All pens feature in the cap’s coined top button, a silhouette of the famous queen. The cap, made of special resin hand turned from a solid bar, takes the shape of the blue conical crown which is usually used to represent sovereignty. The clip is a reproduction of the sacred cobra, Ureo which originally adorned the famous statue which is today housed at the Neues Museum of Berlin. The cobra, symbolizing the awakening of the queen from terrestrial hibernation and trying to reach the afterlife. The three rings in the body of the pen are call to the colors of the famous tiara that enriches the headdress of Nefertiti. The central ring and all other small parts, plated in precious 24 carat gold, reproduce some of the most popular Egyptian symbols: the Ankh cross, symbol of life – the scarabeo, symbol of rebirth – the Shenu, symbol of eternity – the eye of Horus, symbol of royal power – the Egyptian vulture and the cobra.

The collection, turned by hand from solid bars of a special resin is limited to only 388 fountain pens and 388 ballpoint pens. The fountain pen offers a double filing system; converter or cartridge (standard). It features a fusion nib, a unique combination of 18kt solid gold and harmonic steel and is available in grades EF, F, M, B, and Stub.

DN74000 Limited Edition Ballpoint $450.00

DN74001 Limited Edition Fountain Pen 18K Fusion Nib $695.00