The craftsmen of Delta offer this new collection to its usual audience consisting of selected experts, pen lovers and fine writing instruments connoisseurs. Delta, an 100% Italian company founded in 1982, has gained unlimited recognition by its original and exclusive collection, Dolcevita. Unmistakable due to its orange and black color combination and acknowledged worldwide by his "hallmark". Dolcevita "Masterpiece" is the result of a vast search for new materials, an extraordinary fusion of two unique blends that make each piece unique. A "masterpiece" of the highest craftsmanship.

DM66714 DolceVita Masterpiece Ballpoint Pen $295.00

DM66715 DolceVita Masterpiece Rollerball Pen $325.00

DM66716 DolceVita Masterpiece Fountain Pen Fusion Nib $450.00

DM66722 DolceVita Masterpiece Fountain Pen 14K Nib $595.00

DM66713 DolceVita Masterpiece 0.9mm Pencil $295.00