One of the cornerstones of democracy in the western world was the establishment of freedom of the press, as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Delta honors the dedicated professionals of this vital public service with the Journal collection of writing instruments. Each pen in the Journal collection is turned from solid bars of Italian resin. The distinctive clip is forged from a special metal alloy designed for strength and flexibility, then coated with rhodium.

DJ45160 Ballpoint Matte Blue $135.00

DJ45164 Fountain Pen Matte Blue $150.00

DJ45161 Ballpoint Matte Red $135.00

DJ45170 Fountain Pen Matte Red $150.00

DJ45162 Ballpoint Matte Ivory $135.00

DJ45176 Fountain Pen Matte Ivory $150.00

DJ45163 Ballpoint Matte Olive $135.00

DJ45182 Fountain Pen Matte Olive $150.00