Taking inspiration from the sculptured lines and materials of the world’s fastest racing cars, the Horsepower collection of writing instruments are designed to glide across the page with speed and precision and look beautiful when “parked” on the desk! The ergonomic shape is proportioned to fit comfortably in the hand while the perfect weight and balance allow the long distance writer to finish the task with ease. Turned by hand from solid bars of Italian resin and polished to a mirror like finish, each Horsepower pen is then fitted with a band of genuine carbon fiber, the same material used to reduce weight and add strength to high performance cars. To insure long life, the clip and rings are coated with heavy layers of precious black rhodium, a material that is appreciated for both its beauty and anti-corrosive properties.

DH91300 Red Ballpoint $165.00

DH91301 Red Rollerball $195.00

DH91308 Red Fountain Harmonic Steel Nib $225.00

DH91302 Red Fountain 18K Fusion Nib $395.00

DH91312 Black Ballpoint $165.00

DH91313 Black Rollerball $195.00

DH91320 Black Fountain Harmonic Steel Nib$225.00

DH91314 Black Fountain 18K Fusion Nib $395.00

DH91324 Blue Ballpoint $165.00

DH91325 Blue Rollerball $195.00

DH91332 Blue Fountain Harmonic Steel Nib$225.00

DH91326 Blue Fountain 18K Fusion Nib $395.00